Accessing the Terminal from Easy Mode

You just un-boxed your shiny new Asus EeePC and completed the setup and are greeted with the tabbed interface known as “Easy Mode”.

After stumbling around and discovering all the new icons, you notice something is missing…

That’s right, there is no terminal, console, or whatever you prefer to call it!

Here’s how to get it to pop up to your command line enjoyment:

Press and hold the Ctrl and Alt key and then press “T” for terminal.

Wah-la! Instant command line goodness!

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4 Responses to “Accessing the Terminal from Easy Mode”

  1. Cheriphim says:


    Now allllllll the other “helpful tips” i have received from fellow online Linux users makes crystal clear sense. THIS was the Rosetta Stone of Linux Lingo for me–bless you! Now my Eee Pc (Valentine’s Day Pink, mind you) and i can have all the fun that was duly intended when i purchased the lil’ trickster.

    Thank you!

  2. admin says:

    No problem at all! Thanks for stopping by!

    BTW, the linked site to your name above is beautiful.

  3. Marben says:

    oh hell yes, i just figured out how to use man pages and found the md5 sum of a picture of a pear

  4. tecknophreak says:

    Also, the “home” key + t opens the terminal as well.

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